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Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme

Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme published on 14 Comments on Send me art prompts: Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme

Adapted this from the original on Tumblr.

Send me a NUMBER & PAIRING and I’ll write draw a little something.


1. A Sweet Kiss
2. A Hot Kiss
3. A Tired Kiss
4. A Drunken Kiss
5. A Reunion Kiss
6. A Kiss of Relief
7. A Scared Kiss
8. A First Kiss
9. An Awkward Kiss
10. A Shy Kiss
11. A Morning Kiss
12. A Night Kiss
13. A Sorry Kiss
14. A Sad Kiss
15. A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss
16. A Naughty Kiss


17. A Love Bite
18. Holding Hands
19. Cuddling
20. A Massage
21. A Promise
22. Caught in a Storm
23. Seeking Shelter
24. Slow Dancing
25. Exchanging Letters
26. Tending an injury
27. Accidentally Sleeping In
28. Teaching the other something new
29. Cooking Together
30. Sharing A Bath/Swim
31. Catching the other before they fall
32. Getting Caught in the Act

(Canon & non-canon pairings welcome! Only limit is, no family members for the romantic prompts. Everything else is fair game.)

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If you’re still doing these, Iona/WiB 24 or Kale/Caoimhe 19, please!

Still doing these, yes! Iona/WiB, slow dancing.

For the second one, did you mean Kale+Niamh, or did you actually want Kale cuddling with Thorn’s unicorn? (Happy to draw either one, just thought I’d double-check…)

Awesome, thank you! That totally made my day; they’re so sweet together. Older Iona is gorgeous!

For the second one, I did mean Kale cuddling with Thorn’s unicorn! Thought it would be cute, and Kale probably doesn’t get enough cuddles from anyone other than with Niamh.

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