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New polls: How many webcomics do you read? + How do you follow this comic?

New polls: How many webcomics do you read? + How do you follow this comic? published on 10 Comments on New polls: How many webcomics do you read? + How do you follow this comic?

If you scroll down to read the comments on any strip, you might notice there’s now a polling widget underneath!

It randomly cycles through all our active polls. Right now that means (a) the shipping poll from the previous post and (b) the two you can find right here.

Shoutout to the Comic Tea Party indie-comic reader-habits survey, which got me thinking about all the cool data I might want to track.

First off, a simple question of numbers:

How many ongoing webcomics do you keep up with?

Second, a question for Leif & Thorn fans, showcasing DemocracyPoll‘s “if the answer isn’t there already, you can add it yourself” feature:

How do you follow Leif & Thorn?
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This particular poll widget allows the website admin to mess with almost anything through the back end. So if any user abuses this to add a troll answer, it can be deleted.

(The admin also has the power to rewrite answers or change point totals completely. For me, the actual reader data here is too valuable to mess with…but if I ever try to prove Leif & Thorn has high traffic by showing you a poll that got 30,000 votes overnight, you’ll know I’ve gone to the dark side.)

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It knows I voted in the first poll on this page, but it doesn’t show the results by default. Not a big deal, but FYI.

Weird! For me, it’s automatically showing the results of both the ones I already voted in…(I haven’t answered “how do you follow,” because “I see all the strips ahead of time in my bydate/ folder” isn’t a useful answer to get data on, heh.)

Oh well sure now it’s working for me 😉 but last night it didn’t. Hmm, I’m at work now; possibly it’s tracking by IP (I’d expect by cookie) or IP+cookie (which I could understand). Anyway not a big deal. 🙂

It thinks I have already voted (I hadn’t and it picked random options) and when I click revote, it only cancels out the second one. It keeps selecting different votes for the first question for me. It is also showing incorrect results for the favorite ship poll that I did vote in from this browser previously. So, uh, maybe be aware of that.

Hmm, are you on a network with a shared IP address? I know if I log on to a public wifi network, sometimes it shows a different set of votes.

I’ll disable the “check user’s IP address” option for a while, see how that goes. Let me know what turns up!

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