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Sign up to get Leif & Thorn updates published on No Comments on Sign up to get Leif & Thorn updates

In the process of planning the Leif & Thorn Volume 1 Kickstarter, I’m starting an email list for announcements and updates. Because as much as it helps to be on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and so on…the first thing most people check in the morning is their email.

Obviously things will get posted on the website too — but maybe you don’t check the site every day. Or maybe you want the latest Leif & Thorn (and But I’m A Cat Person) news delivered straight to your inbox with no delay.

Well, this is for you!

I don’t actually like cold-sending emails, so I can promise you won’t get spammed with random trivia. Just the big updates, like book releases and Kickstarter kickoffs.

Add yourself to the list:

* only this one is mandatory

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