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LAUNCH DAY: Leif & Thorn Volume 1, on Kickstarter now!

LAUNCH DAY: Leif & Thorn Volume 1, on Kickstarter now! published on 2 Comments on LAUNCH DAY: Leif & Thorn Volume 1, on Kickstarter now!

If you didn’t catch it in today’s strip, or even if you did, here’s a whole post about Leif & Thorn Volume 1!

Leif & Thorn Volume 1

It’s 180 pages. It’s oversized. It’s full color. It’s already drawn!

…it’s not already printed. This is Only A Model.

Which is why I’m raising the funds to do a print run on Kickstarter. Back this project, and you can get your very own copy of Leif & Thorn Volume 1, plus all kinds of other cool rewards. You can get wallpapers. You can get postcards. You can get custom art. You can get yourself drawn into the strip!

(Not in this book. In a future book.)

I kept the budget modest, so if we get funded, I get to print a short run of books. And if we get OVER-funded, I get to print a LONG run of books.

Visit the campaign page to learn more, and get involved by sharing, following, and backing!

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My two cent about the kickstarter:
(it contains criticism and bad english, be warned)

I’ve read the description of the kickstarter and I’ve realized, that I had ever since read this comic totally wrong.
I thought, this is an awesome story, with magic, love problems, aduld characters, happy couples, not too much drama and just fun to watch the story grow. In most of the strips is hidden a joke – your creativity stunned me like every day (except sunday, of course, but that is, because you normaly don’t upload stuff on sunday).
But now I’ve read the description in the kickstarter and I’m baffled, that this seems to be a very serious LBGTQ comic with way more serious topics like trauma, PTSD and Stalking and stuff. I get it, this is very important to you. Guess, in your country people threats LBGTQ person different than not LBGTQ persons.
But the kickstarter description is to much about that for me. It’s way to educational and it seems, like you want to force people to your opinion about LBGTQ. The picture of the comic in the kickstarter description just seems so wrong.
And it lacks the describtion, how awesome and fun the comic really is.

I will set my pledge in the next days, I guess. But defenitly not because of the description of the kickstarter. Just because I want to support you.

This is a strange reaction to me, because there’s supposed to be plenty of humor in the Kickstarter description too!

It says comedy in the title, it talks about goofy slapstick in the first couple of paragraphs, and it has a dozen example strips, most of them with fun captions to supplement the jokes in the comics themselves. It mentions stalking in the disclaimer about how the comic isn’t designed for small children, but even that sentence ends with a punch line, about how health insurance is an “adult topic.”

As for the LGBTQ stuff being “forced”…look, I bet you read things about straight cis characters every day, and never describe them as “forcing” anything on you. There’s no reason it should conflict with the magic, happy couples, and jokes, either! It’s not an “opinion” that people like me deserve to be treated like anyone else, including getting written into fun fantasy comics — that’s just a fact.

I’m glad you like the comic, and I will appreciate your support for the book! (I might even use the first part of this comment as a reader testimony later.) I would also appreciate the support of you not making it sound like it’s weird for a queer artist to have queer characters and talk about it, you know?

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