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Say something nice about Leif & Thorn

Say something nice about Leif & Thorn published on 5 Comments on Say something nice about Leif & Thorn

The Kickstarter to print Volume 2 launches in just a few weeks!

It’s going to look something like this:

(Patreon supporters have already seen the unblurred version. The rest of you, hang tight.)

I also finished the giant full-cast portrait, as dictated by the Favorite Character Poll!

Here’s what that looks like…so far:Continue reading Say something nice about Leif & Thorn

Something’s Cooking 1/29

Something’s Cooking 1/29 published on 5 Comments on Something’s Cooking 1/29

Trivia: this storyline was originally planned take place on the same day as No Moss, so the first panel was Thorn telling the police to talk to Juniper.

Then I decided to add some dramatic weather at the end of the day, so it has to take place later, and Thorn’s dialogue became foreshadowing rather than anteshadowing.

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Remodeling 3/5

Remodeling 3/5 published on 4 Comments on Remodeling 3/5

For anyone who wants to do more research, the technical term for it — at least, in our world — is partial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PAIS).

Unrelated, there’s a new patron-only post with some formerly zine-exclusive bonus art:

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