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Rejected Karaoke Cameos

Rejected Karaoke Cameos published on 3 Comments on Rejected Karaoke Cameos

AKA “jokes based on songs where I can’t use more than a couple of lines without tripping over copyright issues.”

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Saturday Sketchbook: Mine Rescue Gems

Saturday Sketchbook: Mine Rescue Gems published on No Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Mine Rescue Gems

A rocky situation in the Gem AU.

From the mining crew: Bram is a brawny Forest Fire Jasper, while Gil is an anxious little Ruby. (Annie showed up in an earlier group, as a Kambaba Jasper.)

Mata and Pato are both Pele’s Tears — tiny drops of lava that solidify into tear-shaped pieces of volcanic glass. Their fusion form is about as tall as Tansy, who’s a Sapphire like her brother.

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Summer Sunshine 27/84

Summer Sunshine 27/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 27/84

This is an earlier version of Future Thorn than the last time we saw him, which is why he’s more clean-shaven.

Note that he’s much more bilingual than Present Thorn — thinking about Leif causes him to slip naturally into thinking in Sønska.

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