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Violet/Astrid – Reading badfic together

Violet/Astrid – Reading badfic together published on No Comments on Violet/Astrid – Reading badfic together

Sexy art challenge, #30 — free space. Taking a tour with Violet through the depths of Holger Saga fandom.

Astrid Rødlund is one of the most popular living writers in-universe. Which means that both Rule 34 and Sturgeon’s Law apply.

(Gørsimi is an archaic Sønska deity, patron of treasure, i.e. the one you traditionally thank when you get something good. Including sexy-good.)

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Birch/Annie – not!phone sex

Birch/Annie – not!phone sex published on No Comments on Birch/Annie – not!phone sex

Sexy art challenge, #6 – Phone sex.

One of the few that almost fits in canon. Annie was working full-time in the mine while Birch was recuperating from the amputation, so they were both too busy/tired to get a lot of physical action in. This is probably not an authorized use of company communication equipment….

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Map of Ceannis

Map of Ceannis published on 8 Comments on Map of Ceannis

The major countries of Leif & Thorn. With a hat tip to Amit Patel’s map generator.

Sønheim extends much farther north – it goes up and over the pole of the planet – but the majority of its residents live in the area shown here. (It’s like Canada that way.) There’s also a bit of Ceannis to the north. For scale, the portion seen here is comparable in size to the US; that lake in the middle, with the city of Central at its border, is approximately the size of Ohio.

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Rowan/Florian/Leif/Thorn – As many as you can.

Rowan/Florian/Leif/Thorn – As many as you can. published on No Comments on Rowan/Florian/Leif/Thorn – As many as you can.

Sexy art challenge, #27 (again!) – Fill as many holes as you can.

Rowan, Florian, Leif, and Thorn — pretty sure that’s all the guys in-strip, as of May 2016, who have shown explicit interest in other guys — piled together. (Rowan probably handled the, um, choreography.)

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