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Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim

Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim

Getting back into an old familiar comfort zone with Leif & Thorn. (Literally! …get it, because vampires are old….)

New vampires can be turned at any time, but Lady Stanczia and Lord Imri are among the oldest. Their native language is no longer spoken by any living human. Their names sound bizarre and archaic to Sønska ears. Linguists and historians love when they can shed light on customs that have been lost for centuries…and hate when they make stuff up for fun. Which the old ones do a lot.

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After Dark: Introduction

After Dark: Introduction published on 1 Comment on After Dark: Introduction

Welcome to the Leif & Thorn sexy sub-site. (In more ways than one…)

Here be artwork and bonus comics that are too racy for the main archive. Not everything will actually be NSFW, but if you’re a minor, you should head back to the main Leif & Thorn site now.

For an archive of characters and storylines, check out the After Dark index.

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