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About Leif & Thorn

About Leif & Thorn published on

Sparkly fantasy dramedy with magic, bilingual shenanigans, lots of queer characters, and the occasional unicorn.

Leif is a gardener in thrall to a mysterious debt, serving his native Sønheim at a foreign embassy. Thorn is a Knight of Ceannis who got severely burned while dragonslaying, and was rewarded with a cushy job guarding the embassy gates. (“Cushy” if you discount the smugglers, monsters, vampire aristocrats, industrial accidents, and slow-brewing ethical disasters….) Thorn doesn’t speak Leif’s language too well at first — but as they get to know each other, he finds a lot of reasons to learn.

Updates seven days a week: six strips, plus Saturday bonus art.

Page may be periodically updated with new Important Worldbuilding Information, such as tipping cultures, distribution of language families, wonders of the ancient world, and the in-universe record for largest cheese sculpture.

About the languages

In-universe languages are represented by different fonts in the comic, and different colors in the transcripts.

Ceannic (Ceanska) is in the font My Fair Cody. Sønska (Sønheic) is in Ale and Wenches BB. (Animal thoughts/vocalizations are in ArtBrush.)

If you have Firefox or Chrome, you can easily modify the way the transcripts appear in your browser.

Reference strips


Your artist is Erin Ptah, also found on Deviantart, Tumblr, Twitter, a personal blog, and Patreon.

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Characters published on

Leif Leif: Gardener and general-purpose lowest-tier servant at the Embassy of Sønheim. Has no idea his name is a pun in Ceannic.

Ethnicity: Sønska
Affiliation: Sønheim Embassy
Sign: Craobh-ròs (the Rose Tree)
Languages: Sønska, Sønheim Sign
Special skills: Hedge trimming, flower arrangement, singing, ice skating, putting self in excessive danger

Thorn Sir Thorn Estragon: Knight and national hero, being rewarded with some nice uneventful guard duty. Has a therapeutic soulbond with his cat, Tiernan. Rides an otherwise-retired unicorn, Caiomhe.

Ethnicity: Iúilic
Affiliation: Knight of Ceannis (Order of the Chalice)
Sign: Adharcach (the Horn)
Languages: Northern Ceannic, Sønska (sort of)
Special skills: Weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, mild resistance to memory spells, draws a heartsword (type: broadsword), killed a dragon that one time

Thorn’s team | At the embassy | Thorn’s Family | Ceannic Government | At the Mine | Others from Ceannis | Others from Sønheim | Others from elsewhere

Thorn’s team

Juniper Sel: Sardonic gender-free second in command. Backsword.
Violet Dupont: Low-key. Big reader. Broadsword. Sister: Cymbeline.
Birch Baker: Big cuddly marshmallow. Rapier. Parents are a poly triad.
Rowan Muscade: Brilliant, flirty, easily annoyed. Saber. Siblings Rosie and Rhodey, uncle Aspen.
Holly Cerise: Teenage magician in training. Domain: stars. Mother: Laurel.
Peach Pescher-Argyros: Semi-retired since the dragon. Saber. Wife: Senator Lysidice.
R.I.P.: Hestia (water mage), Damask (backsword), Chestnut (broadsword), Ramtil (backsword), Edith (rapier), Wreath, Taro, Moss. Alive but not shown: Marula (bone saw).

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