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Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons

Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons

In case anyone wants to write a daemon AU…some officially-endorsed animal choices. A mix of IRL critters and fantasy variations.

(For the current storyline: Grassie’s daemon is an African gray parrot, and Hedge’s is a seal.)

Leif: alpine field mouse
Katya: chameleon (ofc)
Thorn: spectacled owl

Violet: South Peninsular mastiff
Rowan: barred flying squirrel
Birch: golden puffball
Juniper: crested raptor

Annie: star-nosed mole
Mata: miniature beaver
Pato: island duck

Delphinium: longhair cat
????????: dusky poodle moth
President Romarin: crown tamarin

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Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 3/10

Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 3/10 published on 5 Comments on Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 3/10

Yes, there are two major characters named Hibby (short for Hibiscus) in the same show. Yes, it’s confusing. No, they don’t worry about it.

“Dapper people” is the awkward English translation of a single Ceannic word. “Dandies” might work too. It’s a broader category than the word I’m translating as “butch” (which still includes both Hibbies, but doesn’t cover Hedge).

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