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Sketchbook: Dramatic Rowan

Sketchbook: Dramatic Rowan published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Dramatic Rowan

Spontaneous sketch for Super_fluence, who said nice things about Leif & Thorn on Twitter ♥

(The Kickstarter is 114% funded! On to the process of making the books!)

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Every Body 11/23

Every Body 11/23 published on 7 Comments on Every Body 11/23

The Volume 2 Kickstarter ends tonight!

As of this queueing, we have 104% of the original goal. So here’s our one-and-only stretch goal: if we can beat Volume 1’s record ($3,211), every backer who gets the book will get an extra mini-print. (That means, if you voted for two in the choose-your-print poll, you just might get them both.)

Double-check your pledges, tweet/tumbl/share the campaign link one last time, and cross your fingers!

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Behind-the-scenes on making Leif & Thorn Volume 2

Behind-the-scenes on making Leif & Thorn Volume 2 published on 2 Comments on Behind-the-scenes on making Leif & Thorn Volume 2
The Volume 2 Kickstarter has passed its fundraising goal!
Now, if we can also pass Volume 1’s record ($3,211) before the deadline on Friday, I’ll start handing out extra prints.
In the meantime, as we head into the final 48 hours, I wanted to share some backstory about how this volume came together.
Going back to the very beginning…


…okay, maybe we don’t have to go quite this far back.
But 2011 is when I drew the first sketches for what would eventually become the Leif & Thorn cast, and I did put those in Volume 1, so technically it counts.

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Every Body 9/23

Every Body 9/23 published on 12 Comments on Every Body 9/23

Kickstarter feature spotlight: the add-ons menu!

Can’t find a tier with the exact combination of stuff you want? Gotta have just one more book, or an extra print, or maybe you missed the pin campaign and are regretting the lack of Tiernan on your jacket?

That’s what add-ons are for. Just pick out everything you want from this menu, count up the cost, and increase the value of your pledge by that much.

(After the campaign is funded, all backers will get a survey, and that’s when you let me know the specific add-ons you’re ordering.)

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Every Body 7/23

Every Body 7/23 published on 13 Comments on Every Body 7/23

…and here we skim right over the sex for the part you REALLY wanted to see, which is “what does Kallie’s arm look like.”

In other news: The Volume 2 Kickstarter ends on Friday!

As you might have heard, Kickstarter’s employees are trying to unionize. There’s a petition all KS users can sign to support them — just fill out this form.

So if you’ve never backed a campaign before, now would be a great time to throw in a couple dollars, giving you the standing to add to the crowd of voices saying “hey, management, as a Kickstarter user, I support your employees’ union.”

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Sketchbook: Volume 2 Cover – Sword Lilies

Sketchbook: Volume 2 Cover – Sword Lilies published on 2 Comments on Sketchbook: Volume 2 Cover – Sword Lilies

Cover art for Leif & Thorn Volume 2. Just a week left to get your copy in the Kickstarter campaign!

Fun fact: the Volume 2 subtitle is “Sword Lilies” because that’s the flower Thorn wears for a lot of it, and also, because it has swords in.

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