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No Moss 3/40

No Moss 3/40 published on 8 Comments on No Moss 3/40

Juniper (they, m/f/x): In a city this big, you’d think it would be easier to find someone to date.

Jasmine (she, m/f/x): Tell me about it!

I’m an emergency med tech. Anyone I’ve treated, it would be weird to get involved with. And most other people aren’t okay with my on-call schedule.

Juniper: Well, their loss! I’m Juniper Sel, knight from the Order of the Chalice.

Jasmine: That’s the heartsword order, right? I’m —


Juniper: Sorry, I have to take this.

Jasmine: . . . and I don’t date co-workers because I don’t think a romance can handle two emergency call schedules.

Thorn Explains: Getsunese Names

Thorn Explains: Getsunese Names published on 12 Comments on Thorn Explains: Getsunese Names

I drew this during the Leachtric storyline, when it was a liiiittle more on-point. (Getsunese major characters and reincarnation as a major theme!) But I’m tired of sitting on it until an equally on-point storyline comes around, so you’re just gonna get it now.

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Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart V-VI

Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart V-VI published on 5 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart V-VI

Top: The number of women in the cast has officially outpaced the men, by a whole height chart’s worth.

A few were introduced early on, but didn’t have enough appearances to qualify until now. A few others haven’t actually debuted yet — you’re getting the first look.

Bottom: Finally, a spread for the nonbinary characters!

Still not a big group…but given that Juniper’s been around since the start of the comic and still hadn’t appeared in one of these yet, I figured it was time to go ahead and post it. Probably gonna just update it with new characters as they arrive.

(As usual, this is just a reference for heights and builds. Things like scars/markings might be different in-strip.)

Cress – Tall and wiry aspiring lawyer. Her vitiligo has advanced somewhat since the mining storyline.
Atarangi – Tamaputian fire mage. Freckles, half-sleeve tattoo.
Laceleaf – Aquarium tour guide. Lost a finger in some kind of equipment accident.
Magnolia – Minister of Prophecy. Hair was a dark red-pink before it went grey.
Laurel – Tall trans nature mage. Prefers outfits with some bustline padding. Shown with her bird familiar, Fallon.
Thorne – Older water mage. Has wings.
Hedge – Dapper butch comedian. Prefers outfits that minimize the bustline. Big ears.
Grassie – Dainty femme comedian. Never wears sleeveless or backless outfits, so nobody can see her right arm. Perfect curls.
Lynwood – Heavyset writer/composer/performer. Wears a green wig, but doesn’t change anything else, while cross-racially playing the title role in Leachtric.
Moss – Brawny knight of the realm. Deceased. That’s a birthmark on her face, not a scar.
Marula – Skinny knight of the realm. Likes wearing pointy things.
Plum – Mother of Thorn and Tansy. Has a heavier version of Tansy’s build.

Artie – Broad-shouldered knight of the realm. Took a gender-neutral version of the name of a past (female, famous) reincarnation. Agender, they’re on estrogen.
Agent D10 – Freckly secret agent of United Islander descent. Genderqueer, they’re not on hormones.
Pania – Itty-bitty archmage of Tamapoa. No significant role yet, but so quick to draw that I couldn’t resist. Genderfluid, any pronouns, no hormones.
Juniper – Petite knight of the realm, proud of their shapely arms. Agender, they’re on testosterone.
Alruna – Large grumpy embassy guard. Different ethnicity from the rest, not that outsiders can tell. Nonbinary, ze’s not on hormones.

The women: on Deviantart | on Tumblr
The enbies: on Deviantart | on Tumblr

No Moss 1/40

No Moss 1/40 published on 11 Comments on No Moss 1/40

Eyyyy, it’s a Juniper storyline!

This one is full of miscellaneous Volume 1 callbacks…mostly generated by me going “hmm, what’s a thing I put a bunch of effort into 3 years ago and haven’t put to use since?”

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The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6

The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6 published on 7 Comments on The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6

This strip is somewhat out-of-continuity — it’s from the end of the school year, and Summerfest/Leachtric/etc take place during summer vacation. I thought about pushing it back even farther and having it happen during the next school year…but now I have summer content planned for the goth kids, so you’re getting this first.

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