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Leif Leif: Gardener and general-purpose lowest-tier servant at the Embassy of Sønheim. Earnest, patriotic, weighed down by a mysterious debt and a lot of guilt, though it feels lighter in Thorn’s presence. Has no idea his name is a pun in Ceannic.

Ethnicity: Sønska
Affiliation: Sønheim Embassy
Sign: Craobh-ròs (the Rose Tree)
Languages: Sønska, Sønheim Sign
Special skills: Hedge trimming, flower arrangement, singing, ice skating, putting self in excessive danger

Thorn Sir Thorn Estragon: Knight and national hero, being rewarded with some nice uneventful guard duty. Has a therapeutic soulbond with his cat, Tiernan, to help with PTSD and its complications. Rides an otherwise-retired unicorn, Caiomhe.

Ethnicity: Iúilic
Affiliation: Knight of Ceannis (Order of the Chalice)
Sign: Adharcach (the Horn)
Languages: Northern Ceannic, Sønska (sort of)
Special skills: Weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, mild resistance to memory spells, draws a heartsword (type: broadsword), killed a dragon that one time

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Thorn’s team

Juniper Sel: Sardonic gender-free second in command. Backsword.
Violet Dupont: Low-key. Big reader. Broadsword. Parents are an interracial couple.
Birch Baker: Big cuddly marshmallow. Rapier. Parents are a poly triad.
Rowan Muscade: Brilliant, flirty, easily annoyed. Saber. Siblings Rosie and Rhodey, uncle Aspen.
Holly Cerise: Teenage magician in training. Domain: stars. Mother: Laurel.
Peach Pescher-Argyros: Semi-retired since the dragon. Saber. Wife: Senator Lysidice.
Pascentia Zikos: Backup team. Dancer, polyglot, overachiever. Longsword.
Quince Malina: Backup team. Quiet but speedy. Rapier.

R.I.P.: Hestia (water mage), Damask (backsword), Chestnut (broadsword), Ramtil (backsword), Edith (rapier), Wreath, Taro, Moss. Alive but not shown: Marula (bone saw).

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