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4Koma in Black 1/7: Backstory

4Koma in Black 1/7: Backstory published on 5 Comments on 4Koma in Black 1/7: Backstory

All right, after that last rollercoaster of an arc, I think we could all use some space to breathe.

Please enjoy this short, filler-y collection of extra jokes about the Woman in Black that I couldn’t squeeze into her earlier appearances. A couple of them are definitely non-canonical; I’ll point those out as they come up.


WiB: I’m the reincarnation of Thorn’s mother, here to secretly watch over him.

I’m Leif’s long-lost sister, who escaped servitude by turning myself magically unmemorable.

I’m their future daughter, time-traveled here to hide from future alien invaders.

Delphinium: Have you ever tried telling me your backstory, darling?

WiB: Yeah, but I’m all out of fun ones.

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One and three are not mutually exclusive, especially as we know Time Travel exists, as Future!Thorn has appeared twice, and Reincarnation is a fact (though Thorn’s Mom and the Woman in Black would need to both be Heartsword users to prove it.)

Number two could fit in, too… e.g. WiB is tossed back in time deliberately, but a targeting error similar to what happened to Future!Thorn both times we’ve seen him crop up results in her landing in Papa Leif’s childhood, and physically de-aged to boot. She’s raised as a foundling, still knowing her mission, and ‘slips’ out of the Story of History as soon as she can to try and minimize her impact on the timeline.

This has been my daily performance of ‘Extemporize to Displace Dread’ theatre.

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