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A Night To Remember 4/33

A Night To Remember 4/33 published on 5 Comments on A Night To Remember 4/33

Outside Thorn’s apartment.

Kale (thinking): I should do this. Suck it up, knock on that door, find out how he feels. I mean, if he felt like arresting me, he would’ve done it already.


This is a normal thing for friends to do, right? Check in after something happens?

Kale: Sure, and the rest of this situation is totally normal. Probably showed up in a dozen Mx. Manners columns by now.

“Do you still want to be my friend after what I told you this afternoon? Also, how much did I tell you? Also, if you don’t remember either, I promise it’s not my fault.”

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Mx Manners columns. <3 <3 <3

I have just started doing my first job search where I disclose my they/them pronouns before showing up for my interviews, uh, today. I had already intended to disclose when starting my next job, having lived under my neutral name for four years first, but then I did a three hour interview loop yesterday where four different pairs of people spoke about me to each other in the third person and I just… can't anymore. So I told the person setting up Monday's interview loop to notify my interviewers in advance. That was a real awkward conversation as I had to start from scratch on what the hell I was even asking for.

So coming home to your comic was a relief today.

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