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A Night To Remember 7/33

A Night To Remember 7/33 published on 5 Comments on A Night To Remember 7/33

It just hit me that I meant to put warnings at the start of this storyline. Whoops. Here they are, for people reading this live:

Kale: So, uh . . . the real reason I came here is . . . When you cut me out of the vines, how much do you remember about it?

Thorn (thinking): Well . . . I remember the most important part.

Thorn: Hey, why don’t we talk about this inside?

Kale: Are you sure?


Thorn: If you try to kill me, I promise I can stab you first.

Kale: . . . That actually helps, thanks.

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Oh jeeze, how scared do you have to be that “I can stab you before you try to kill me” is reassurance? Poor Kale!

In Kale’s defense(?)…
His concern is something along the lines of ‘Did I do something awful in the period of time I can’t remember.’ Knowing that:
1)Thorn is willing to stop him if he tries to kill
2)Kale is lacking any stab wounds
is probably comforting. Now he knows he didn’t make any Kill attempts in the period of time he can’t recall.

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