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A Night To Remember 8/33

A Night To Remember 8/33 published on 10 Comments on A Night To Remember 8/33

Thorn: Have a seat wherever. I’ll make us some tea.

Kale: Mmhmm.

Kale (thinking): Thorn’s place is a lot cleaner than mine.

That’s a Iuilic style lamp, right? And I’m hallucinating those bubbles.

The exercise setup in the corner is real. The orange tree is fake.

Real chair dusted in real cat fur. Fake . . . huh, I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be.

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Okay, I’m lost now. He knows all this is fake, but he’s still afraid it’s real?

I feel like Kale is being hyper-vigilant right now. These were all mostly things that he could logically bin as ‘hallucinations’. Thorn likely doesn’t leave a bubble machine running while out of the apartment if he has one at all. If Thorn DOES keep an orange tree, it’d be in a pot, not just loose on top of a storage bin.

It’s when something looks fake, but is real, e.g. Thorn’s scars, or MIGHT be real and dangerous, like the creature he saw at Summerfest that there’s a problem. Also: He has a crush on Thorn, and it would be embarrassing if his hallucinations color-shifted something and he mentioned the wrong ‘color’. (( Look at Leif’s Flower, and the tree behind Kale. ))

He’s doing his best to figure it out, because Niamh is currently distracted by Tiernan, and he *really* doesn’t want to get things wrong.

The snake thing on the chair is probably the thing most worrying to him, but he can logically dismiss that because it would be in plain view and Thorn wasn’t concerned about it.

As far as getting the wrong color, he’s already told Thorn about his problem, that would be easy to explain.

Weird question that came from tangental thinking- how many animals from our world have been transplanted into the L&T world, how many simply have analogues in their place, and how many don’t exist? Cats and dogs clearly exist, because Tiernan and Niamh are present; ‘Horses’ are replaced by ‘Unicorns’ from what I’ve seen unless I forgot about something, and several characters reference Whales as being a fictional construct. But Kale doesn’t recognize the ‘thing that looks like a snake’ as a… well… ‘thing that looks like a snake’, despite being able to recognize that hallucinated ‘birds’ are- well, birds. Do snakes exist in this world, and are cats still utterly afraid of them? Are there Mice and Rats? There’s all sorts of Fish, but where is the line drawn that ‘Whales’ don’t exist? And why am I so interested in the fauna of this world?

I think there are snakes in their world but frankly, that thing doesn’t look THAT much as a snake (although it would make sense if he called it “weird snake thing”). And note that whale is NOT a fish. Whale is mammal. Maybe L&T universe lacks Cetaceas?

This is something I figure out as I go, based on what’s funny/interesting/narratively-useful at the time!

Snakes do exist on this planet, but Kale can tell that this bug-eyed, crested, snakey critter is blatantly not any species that exists in nature.

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