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An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 12/14

An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 12/14 published on 8 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 12/14

Announcement: The next train to Garden Street is now approaching.

Thorn: I’ll escort you home.

. . . Oh, right, hour of rushing. Be as small as you can.

Thorn (thinking): It’s going to be even more crowded when the fest starts. I hope Leif doesn’t mind.

I’ll wear something with a high collar, so people don’t get scared I’ll whip out the sword . . .

Subway dude: Check out the snow queen.

Thorn (thinking): Although there are some civilians I wouldn’t mind scaring in public.

Leif: [oblivious]

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I wonder which half of Subway Dude’s comment Thorn(on Leif’s behalf) found more offensive.
or if it was the whole phrase together?

Basically I’m a sucker for worldbuilding.

It’s the whole phrase. They’re in a very multicultural city, where interracial couples in most combinations aren’t remarkable, but Sønheic residents are rarer and more likely to keep to themselves. If you’re dating one, more than a few people are going to assume you made a special effort because you have a kink.

They’re insulting Thorn, not Leif?

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