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An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14

An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14 published on 5 Comments on An Incredibly Platonic Shopping Day 14/14

Katya (signing): Elisa . . . try to be more tactful. Even if the foreigner wanted to buy Leif, he almost certainly can’t.

Elisa (signing): What?

Katya (signing): Leif’s debt isn’t like yours. It’s not going to be fully paid off in a year or two. It’s for an ongoing expense — and a big one. The knight obviously has money . . . especially since I’m sure the bosses are charging him twice our market rental fee . . . . . . but anyone with that much in their savings would retire.


“It’s for an ongoing expense — and a big one.”

Leif’s Parents are Bad People and still a Drain on The Nation?

I guess…. if a person is incarcerated, the FAMILY pays the expense of keeping them alive and jailed? Even of said family is a toddler? And the in incarceration is for life?

Now, wouldn’t it just FIT, if his parents were BAD PEOPLE for something like, ohh…. being a threat to the Superior Life of the Superior People by having campaigned for “social reform”, let’s say? And Leif, forever stigamtizing them as BAD PEOPLE, because they CARED!

A-yup, that’d fit the general “feel” I’m getting. (It would have the added benefit of getting said toddler in an environment of “re-education”, so as to prevent the parents “disease” from carrying to the next generation, too.)

I think it would be more tragic if Leif’s Parents were bad people because they did something unambiguously Not Good , and Leif is punished for the sins of the father, and 2: terrified of going against what is “right and proper” because it starts with a small wrongness… like expressing dissatisfaction and inevitably you’ll find yourself in the gutter gnawing on a toddler’s thighbone.

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