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Borrowing Limits 12/33

Borrowing Limits 12/33 published on 8 Comments on Borrowing Limits 12/33

Faerie/Imp: He shouldn’t — / He should —


cutest cats
cutest dog in the world
cutest spirit types
cutest baby contest
cutest unicorns
cutest flower crowns

Faerie/Imp: Awwww . . . !

Leif (thinking): Distraction managed.

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Ah, yes. leave that thorny complex issue for another day. perhaps in a few chapters you’ll work up the nerve.

The Compulsion Gem had nothing to do with this, beyond possibly conditioning his Shoulder Pixie to toe the State Line…
*looks left*
*looks right*
*looks at a specific <a href="; [Organic Co-Op AU] page again.*

*Trying to grab the faerie* WHY! ISN’T! IT! DYING!

Here! Let me Help!!! (Brings assortment of fantastical weapons to try)

See, that’s the problem with Cold Iron. do you want the iron weapon that had alchemical treatments that make it impossible to heat above skin temperature? Or maybe it’s Meteoric Iron? Or maybe it’s a corruption, referring to iron that originates from a mine in the northern reaches of the Empire, the coldest climes in all the lands. Or maybe someone has terrible handwriting, and they were trying to convey not COLD iron, but NORTH iron aka Lode-iron, a natural magnet!

Is it any wonder that no one carries everything that could be proof against any supernatural beastie?

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