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Borrowing Limits 13/33

Borrowing Limits 13/33 published on 8 Comments on Borrowing Limits 13/33

Leif (thinking): This is silly . . . I don’t need to subvert any compulsions! I already want to do. . . well, pretty much anything Thorn could pay for. And he does have the money.

He’s just afraid I won’t say “no” if I don’t like a thing — even though I’d be allowed to.

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how to prove to someone that you have your own opinions and don’t just automatically do what you’re told
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Now, there’s the right question.

I’m guessing the things outside of Leif’s projection of Thorn’s Finances are things that are listed as permitted, but incur additional cost due to repair of damaged property e.g. leave marks or would require medical intervention… I imagine Sønska renters are very good about not exceeding contracts of this sort… it would only be sensible for the Debt of a Servant to be added to the cost of violating the Contract in an irreversible way.

I don’t know Leif. Couldn’t you just tell him? I get the feeling it might work if you just lay it out in plain Sønska (assuming Thorn would understand the grammar)

It’s one of those recursive-type problems. “I’m programmed to do what you want, so if you want to hear that I don’t want to say no then I won’t say no.” The only way to solve it is to burn down the embassy. All of Sonheim too now that I think about it. You know what let’s just burn down every region that has three winters to be on the safe side.

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