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Borrowing Limits 21/33

Borrowing Limits 21/33 published on 8 Comments on Borrowing Limits 21/33

Leif: I . . . can look this up later, I guess.

Thorn: Yes, okay.

Thorn (thinking): I knew the healthcare was different in Sønheim . . .

But I had no idea it was like this. If Leif, or someone in his family, had an expensive disease . . . and he ended up with the full bill . . . That’s one way a single person could incur a debt of Fifty-two million marks.

If it was something like that . . .

You said you don’t want me to ask, so I won’t ask. But if you ever bring it up, I’ll tell you I think it’s wrong.

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I’m betting it’s not that. If it was I’m sure Leif would not be so concerned about Thorn finding out and would have told him.

Unless the Sonheimic population have been conditioned to think that such a massive debt in any form is shameful and worthy of scorn.

I mean, the embassy servants are basically in debtor’s prison

Also, Thorn, why the fuck aren’t you showing him these numbers right fucking now?

Because he wants to spend time talking to Leif about pleasant things instead of Lecturing and/or Educating?

Also, now I have visions of someone engaging in “The Cheaper Healthcare Alternative.” Your family doesn’t have to pay for your treatment if you’re ripped apart by wild animals in a crevasse out on the ice.

Cynical thought: There may still be a fine for littering, though.

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