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Can’t You Read The Signs 11/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 11/15 published on 11 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 11/15

Leif (signing): Why were you so mad about this, anyway? If anything, you should be upset that you don’t get to do it with him.

Leif (thinking): I know I am . . .

Leif (signing): Oh — wait! Unless . . . are you . . .

. . . monosexual?

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While monosexuality is extremely dumb, it’s not the only reason to not want to get it on with someone. I find almost everyone attractive, but there are certain people… and more specifically certain personality traits… that I find profoundly unattractive.

So, yeah, if you call people ‘bro’ the odds of you having a chance with me are slim, unless you have other redeeming features.

Leif must have it bad to go straight from “won’t sleep with my cute boyfriend” to “lesbian.”

He didn’t say ‘homosexual’ – think ‘mono’ as in “monogamy”.
But while monogamy is a social more, monosexual would mean you are attracted to just one person. Never heard the term before, but it seems useful.

Oops! I was thinking in terms of our world, but reading on I find that of course things are very different than I expected and I interpreted it incorrectly.
Though I get the impression that it isn’t necessarily just same-sex either, just gender specific.
So both cis and gay people would be monosexual. Interesting…

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