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Can’t You Read The Signs 6/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 6/15 published on 11 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 6/15

Elisa: Wha–?! You have some nerve!

I don’t agree to that! I don’t need to. I’ll work off this debt just fine the slow way.

You can’t go around offering up people’s bodies like that without asking first!

Just because you’re fine with being for sale doesn’t mean everyone else is!

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Oh, so he didn’t check with her in advance before making the suggestion to Thorn. Yup, rookie mistake there Leif.

Maybe he didn’t make that suggestion to Thorn, maybe it’s just so obvious for him, that it’s an option. But did he forget Thorn’s unwillingness fo do anything sexual with a person bound by contract? Or does he think that unwillingnes is a special exception just concerning him, because Thorn likes him as a person? Anyway, this looks like more and more dystopian world, cleverly disguised with unocorn and magys a fantasy :(.

Best scenario, this was him making the suggestion to Elisa, just with bad wording. And yes, Thorn wouldn’t like the idea – both for himself and suspecting Elisa wouldn’t be fine with it.

It’s not dystopian WORLD. Ceannis is nice, in lot of ways better than our world. Sønheim, meanwhile, is quite close to dystopia. At least for HUMANS. Vampires likely see it differently, no matter how they think it used to be better.

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