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Can’t You Read The Signs 7/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 7/15 published on 8 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 7/15

Leif (thinking): That’s not even what I meant, but . . .

Why is she getting mad about my feelings? I do what I’m told. Whether I’m “fine” has nothing to do with it.

I belong to the Embassy. And for now, so does Elisa!

How long has she been secretly thinking she was better than me?

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Good to know he didn’t mean it the way she took it. It serves they both have very different perspectives on their servitude.

Ohhh yes. This is a tough exchange to write because I want to convey so many levels at once…
– what Leif thinks is going on
– what Elisa thinks is going on
– what Leif thinks Elisa thinks is going on
– what Elisa thinks Leif thinks is going on
– what’s actually true, even when neither of them has figured it out!

Ah, the old miscommunication drama. When all that’s needed to fix things is for two characters to sit down and talk for a bit. Let’s see how things unfold first, eh? Maybe you can breath some SORELY needed life and energy into an otherwise frustrating plot-style.

Well, I think she always though she’s person, so probably since she found out you think you are property of embassy? The hierarchy is clear between those two.

Well, I doubt she actually agrees with his self-assessment. Her being contemptuous of his willingness to be treated badly doesn’t mean she agrees with him that he deserves it — rather the opposite, if anything. That’s what I think he’s missing here: it’s not that she thinks she’s better than (he thinks) he is, it’s that she thinks they’re both better than that, and just wishes he would act like it.

Poor Lief and his non-existent self-esteem (which is easy to obtain when you’ve been a slave since you were a small child). I wonder if any of the other Embassy servants have any idea how bad it is. I wonder if anyone’s ever noticed or asked.

The only one who has an inkling of just how little he thinks of himself is Katya.

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