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Can’t You Read The Signs 8/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 8/15 published on 6 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 8/15



Leif (whispering): For the record, nobody was suggesting that you’d actually have sex with him.

Elisa (thinking): . . . What?

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Now kids, we’re gonna learn how to turn a dumpster fire into a raging dumpster fire.

My money is on actual discussion where Leif explains the magic of buying the full package ‘just in case’. Specifically: He is paying for the OPTION. Elisa get the money put toward her debt even if Thorn doesn’t actually utilize the option.

Kinda like how one can pay for the ‘Look, if it’s on fire in a ditch, just tell us WHICH ditch it’s in so we can salvage the wreckage for scrap iron” insurance on a rental car, even if you’re planning on it being in a secured garage for 90% of your trip.

No. that’s not a hyperbole. That’s how the clerk described it when she upsold me on it.

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