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Family Dinner 11/14

Family Dinner 11/14 published on 3 Comments on Family Dinner 11/14

Larch: Nice of you to help move the furniture, Thorn, but why does the cat get to ride along?

Thorn: C’mon, Larch . . . I have to get some kind of favor for winning, right? I’m just calling it in early.

Larch: And what if I win, huh?

Thorn: Then this will be your gesture of graciousness towards the loser.

Whenever you’re ready.

Larch: Tansy, if you don’t want to stay either, don’t feel like you have to.

Tansy: I do! I’m your biggest fan.

Fourteen years earlier.

Tansy: Come on, little brother, can’t you take a fall next time? Just once? I think Larch thinks I won’t be impressed until I see him win.

Thorn: Fine!

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