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Fish Story 18/41

Fish Story 18/41 published on 6 Comments on Fish Story 18/41

Stalker: [Let the water vibrate with my voice.] Listen to this, Lacey . . .

I can control all the water in reach. You have to be able to hear me.

So what’s the matter? Am I still not good enough for you?

Holly: Is he talking to you, or some other Laceleaf?

Laceleaf: He’s talking to me.

Stalker: Either you learn to be less stuck-up . . .


Stalker: . . . or I bring this whole building down.

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Yes. Running in fear of a man threatening to level a building to get he wants is certainly stuck up behavior. certainly… RUN LACEY RUN! or get in the Clever Plan to catch him, if you are feeling hella reckless…

That is the worst possible thing. Sucker has the absolute advantage, either security has to take the shot, or the cops arrive and begin negotiations.

I dunno. If he burst the pipes, everyone would drown in that room if they didn’t leave quickly. taking a back entrance out without him seeing her go seems like a fairly good idea?

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