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Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 5/10

Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 5/10 published on 2 Comments on Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 5/10

Grassie: Oh, Blandfordia! The Sønheic teacher’s here.

Blan: Ooh! How are you doing?

Grassie: Wonderful! But there’s one thing I know — Hedge could never learn Sønheic. She’d be worn out in a half hour.

Blan: Is it that difficult?

Grassie: Oh yes!

Whenever the teacher says thank you I’m so far from the chair.

Blan: . . . Well, honey, I think you’d better get back to the lesson.

Say, Hibby — you studied Sønheic in school. What does “Thank you” mean?

Hibby: Blan, I’m trying to read some important literature right now.

Blan: All I’m asking is what does thank you mean!

Hibby: Aw, Blan, sit down!

Blan: . . . ! Gee, Grassie was making sense after all.

Ms. Riisgård: Mrs. Dubois, we must waste no time. I can only give you a week for lessons.

Grassie: Oh, that’s sweet! You really think I can learn the whole language in a week?

Ms. Riisgård: It’s not that! I’m in Ceannis on a temporary visa. In eight days it expires, and I go back to Sønheim.

Grassie: Oh! Well, I’ll go down to the immigration office and take care of it for you.

Ms. Riisgård: I don’t think that you can . . .

Grassie: Leave it to me! Once I’m through, you’ll be saying oy vey all over again.

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