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Half Of What You See 25/26

Half Of What You See 25/26 published on 6 Comments on Half Of What You See 25/26

Sigrún: . . . I suppose I’m here to apologize. It’s my job to notice when my people need something. But I was too preoccupied to see the signs. Your scores on archery drills alone . . .

Geirölul: Oh — those never went down!

Sigrún: What?

Geirölul: If I’d started missing at target practice, I would’ve noticed earlier.

Now that I think about it, the targets had gotten a little blurry . . . But it’s not as if I had to read them! Just aim for the middle. You can still do that when it’s not in focus. Or at least, I guess, I can.

Sigrún: That’s . . . very impressive, officer. Also, I need to look into redesigning our archery ranges.

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…shouldn’t she know that?

Shouldn’t who know what?

Sigrún, that Geirölul’s archery hasn’t suffered.

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