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Haven’t You Noticed 22/29

Haven’t You Noticed 22/29 published on 2 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 22/29

Magus Raifort: There’s something I need to bring over for the next test. Stay put.

Laurel: Say, Holly, while there’s nobody official around — I have a question.

If you could go on vacation for a year . . . Take a complete break from learning or practicing magic, but try anything else, visit any place . . . What would you do? Also, for the sake of this fantasy scenario, pretend we have infinite money.

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I have a feeling Holly will object to the “no magic” part of this hypothetical.

My bet is she skips past that for a moment of unexamined teenage impulse… Before covering that with something more mature.

Holly: Infinite Money and I can do whatever I want? Leachtric!

Laurel: Sure! What would you do with the other [n-1] days?

Holly: (slightly panicked) … A pilgrimage visiting the major sites of Rhódon’s Reincarnations’ various important sites so as to cultivate a deeper appreciation of our national heritage?

Holly: Did I get it right?

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