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Haven’t You Noticed 23/29

Haven’t You Noticed 23/29 published on 7 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 23/29

Holly: Well, if there’s infinite money I’m definitely seeing Leachtric. And a bunch of other musicals too. And get tickets to be in the live audience for Kolpovision!

Oh, and if I wouldn’t be working on magic anyway, I’d cross the mountains and visit Sønheim. There are so many great Sønheic authors and singers . . . and unlike Astrid Rødlund, most of them never even leave their home country.

Obviously I’d visit Burnspoint. Get some backstage tours, see how my favorite Ceannic shows are made. Maybe get a credit on something! Not as an actor or writer, but, like, I could make special effects. Or some other cool production stuff.

And . . . I guess there are some cool places I’d visit even though they don’t have famous people?

Laurel: Such as?

Holly: Well, I don’t know what they’re called off the top of my head, but I’ve seen pictures!

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She will become the QUEEN!
Of all theater one day!
A great and glorious queen!
And be on top to stay!

She’ll have gala opening nights and then
You’ll see her in reviews and then
She’ll get some awesome shoes and then
She’ll be paid all she’s due and then

No Ivy there to bother her
No limits or a squalor or
No dealing with a crazed stalker
No hellhounds that could bite-curse her!
She’s gonna scale the heights for sure!

Holly Cerise would never stop!
Holly Cerise would be on top!
And she would never drop! A-gain!
She’d never drop again! Hey!

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