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Haven’t You Noticed 26/29

Haven’t You Noticed 26/29 published on 2 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 26/29

Raifort: Say, Magus Cerise . . . I heard you recognize magical girls by their costumes?

Laurel: That’s right. There’s a part of the brain that’s dedicated to recognizing faces, and mine . . . doesn’t.

Raifort: Can I ask how you manage when a magical gets an upgrade? I don’t mean when they pass a test and get reclassified — I mean when they get a sudden power boost and the outfit changes.

Laurel: I assume the same way you re-learn to recognize a person if their face changes. If they get a scar, or break their nose, or gain weight.

. . . I do actually perceive scars on faces. If you’re worried, I could give you one.

Raifort: No, no, I take your point.

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