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Haven’t You Noticed 27/29

Haven’t You Noticed 27/29 published on 10 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 27/29

Eventually . . .

Cedar: Look! I got it to work!

Laurel / Holly / M. Raifort: Congratulations! / Congratulations! / Congratulations!

Cedar: You were so much help! Is there anything I can do to thank you?

Holly: Can I get you to autograph something?

Cedar: Sure!

. . . It has to be official merchandise, or signed off by my manager beforehand, and you have to sign a waiver promising you won’t just go on the net and sell it.

Holly: Maybe I’ll just take a photo instead.

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There are probably people who haven’t even seen the source you feel is being referenced. There are possibly other references. And there are those who just don’t see things as references. So, um, no, they don’t, and won’t. You could maximize the number of people who see the same reference as you do by mentioning what you think is being referenced. But there will still be people who don’t get it.

Different people are different, after all.

The use of multiple people clapping their hands while saying “Congratulations” or “Omedetou” is the final scene of the Evangelion 1995 animé.

Cedar is partially inspired by that series, so Erin is likely invoking that scene here, especially considering we’re nearing the end of the chapter.

Out of curiosity, what about him is inspired by that show?

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