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Haven’t You Noticed 29/29

Haven’t You Noticed 29/29 published on 20 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 29/29

Last time I checked the “what kind of mage should replace Holly” poll, “fire” was decisively winning.

Are you thinking “a fire mage joining a team where half the knights have major fire-related trauma would be fruitful dramatic material”?

…or are you all just hoping this will get me to add Bram to the main cast?

Laurel: I don’t care if your final scores won’t be in for a while. We’re going out for celebratory shawarma now.

Holly: Nice!

Laurel: Ebony’s treat.

Holly: . . . Does that mean Ivy is coming with us?

Laurel: She can be a handful, can’t she.

Holly: I don’t want to be mean! It’s not like she’s a bad person! She’s just exhausting.

Laurel: Tell you what . . .

If you put up with her for an hour, I’ll take you shopping for Holger Saga merch afterward. Deal.

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That…That was it? That was the whole exam? A bunch of Mickey Mouse tasks? Did I miss something?

Also I voted fire because in terms of tactical application it strikes me as more immediately efficient in the environment the team is currently operating in, especially from someone who has enough experience to let people fall into expectations of what they think fire mages can do.

I was thinking ‘someone to show the good things about fire and help them recover from their fire-related trauma’ and ‘we’ve got good representation for water and nature mages, but the only fire mage I can list off the top of my head is Bram and what’s her face from the prophecy place’.

There’s also an individual of Sønska descent who was born under the correct conditions to develop Southern Magic kicking around somewhere, IIRC.

Seeing as she was in the moment of silence, I think she’s dead.

Honesty, though;

Consider a fire mage who – given time, obviously – is able to help them work with their trauma, or at least come to a little more terms with it. You don’t just get over it, but I can’t help but think of a rhyme from a card game I used to play-

“The sun’s fire makes a garden grow/and forge fires temper steel/why then are you surprised to find/a fire that can heal?”

I don’t believe I voted fire, but it occurred to me that someone who can handle fire would be an asset to the team by handling the things the others may be still having PTSDish problems with.


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