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ahahaha it’s because CEDAR

It probably is, isn’t it?

Easy odds

I’m not even give any odds.

I will!
3:1 Laurel parts the sea of bodies with non-violent, Nature-based ‘velvet ropes’. “Excuse me! You’re blocking the entrance to a government building! Please allow access to the door!”

10:1 Cedar’s studio-issued bodyguards are overwhelmed in the throng. desperately protecting Cedar from the press of bodies. Holly steps in.

20:1 Cedar is handing out autographs.

That does make me curious, how long do transformations last? Can they keep going perpetually, or will they run out at some point? Does spellcasting affect it in any way?

From what I recall: Transformations last as long as you care to hold on to them, but it’s physically draining to do so. Most Magical Girls(and boys, and persons on the spectrum between) power down so they aren’t fatigued, but I’m sure there’s variations on Transformation Stamina, and like any other ‘muscle’ you can train to increase it.

I can easily imagine Ivy staying Powered Up from sunup to sundown while working on the Juniper Mine Collapse.

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