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Haven’t You Noticed 7/29

Haven’t You Noticed 7/29 published on 10 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 7/29

Laurel: I’m here with Holly Cerise for an appointment.

Receptionist: Someone will call you up shortly.

Holly: Okay, Mom, I found a photo . . .

This is Cedar!

Laurel: Honey, that doesn’t help.

Holly: No, hang on, it’s a slide show. Let me go back, I’ll find it.


Laurel: Yes! That was him.

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Damn this comic is not helping my desire to own tunics, I really like his outfit in the second panel.

You could always make some tunics. Patterns exist.

Sewing an entire garment from scratch isn’t trivial for most people.

I want to argue, but then I remember that my skill set isn’t the same as most people. I will say that a tunic can easily be a couple of straight lines, though, which is something that everyone should know how to do.

As a frame of reference to help you model other people’s experience, my mom has extensive costuming experience and I grew up around it. I am capable of running a sewing machine (though not hugely comfortable with it) and can hand-sew. I can do the two straight lines part.

Why I don’t: The fabric cutting is nerve-wracking and goes all wobbly. Even knowing the trick about how to press the seams first, hemming all around the edges is an exhausting thought. And that’s if I’ve found a pattern that I trust will actually look good on me. It’s all a lot. The two straight lines part is the fun 10% of an otherwise large and awful project. For me.

Question: I know several commenters already mentioned how accurate it is in terms of description, but I’m curious. Do some details slip through and remain part of the memory? A nose, eye color, anything?

I spent a LOT of time with my boyfriend, so I can tell you that they have green eyes, a bit of an acne problem across their cheeks, and small ears. Because I spend so much time with them, I might be able to recognize a picture of just their face, with hair and body cropped out, but I’d struggle and it’s doubtful. I definitely can’t mentally picture their face.

I may not have face blindness, but I have a SHIT memory and most faces look alike to me.

Eye colors are pretty common, so unless they have a VERY unique eye color or heterochromia or something, no, that doesn’t help. Not to mention I live in a predominantly black community, and something like 90% of us have brown eyes. Same for noses – they all look very similar to me, and unless someone has a very distinctive nose, they won’t stand out.

I don’t know many people with freckles, but if they did, that would set them apart.

I usually recognize people by traits unique to that person – hair style, voice, body language, height, even a cute accessory they always have like eyeglasses, a keychain, a backpack, or shoes. I have a friend who I only recognize by the birthmark on her face. And I know a few people with dyed hair (purple, blue, other unnatural colors), but if they changed it, I may have a hard time recognizing them.

Like Elliot, if it’s someone I spend a lot of time with (my parents, my boyfriend, my closest family and friends, my teachers) I’d recognize their face almost anywhere. However, I notice that I’m starting to forget the faces of my grandparents, who died when I was very young.

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