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Haven’t You Noticed 8/29

Haven’t You Noticed 8/29 published on 4 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 8/29

Cedar: Bye! I’ll sign more things later if there’s time!

Oh, hi there, Magus Cerise!

Laurel: Hello . . . person I have met before.

Holly: That’s right, Mom, you told me all about meeting Cedar!

Also, h-hi, I’m Holly.

Cedar: Hi, Holly! Are you a fan?

Holly: Uh — I mean, yes! But one of the cool ones!

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I really appreciate Holly subtly telling her mom “This is Cedar.” I know it’s necessary, but it’s still also really nice of her.

I’m gonna say it so no one else has to.

The ONE piece of information that Magus Cerise related to Cedar that should have been notable enough to remember: “… I’m not good with faces, but I never forget a costume.”

In Cedar’s defense against the above; A LOT happened that night, and Cedar is likely used to being recognized.

TL;DR: Boo! for forgetting relevant personal details, but Yay for remembering that Laurel is someone he’s met.

Relevant question brought out by the recent Tumblr Post: Is costume synchronicity strictly in that AU, or does that happen in the main universe if Magicals train/work together enough?

He remembered her name! And she laid down some useful advice about magic, which is what he paid the most attention to. Besides, plenty of people are “not good with faces” without being “completely unable to recognize the same person twice.”

Costume synchronicity is possible, yes — it’s not just from working together, it’s when you think of yourselves as A Team that your outfit upgrades start to converge.

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