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Haven’t You Noticed 9/29

Haven’t You Noticed 9/29 published on 15 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 9/29

Holly: You should transform while you’re here. It’s the custom.

Cedar: Oh! I didn’t know — it’s my first visit.


Laurel: You got a good costume! Nice, crisp lines.

Cedar: Thanks! I sort of wish it was cuter, but . . .

. . . if this is my destiny, I mustn’t run away!

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-squints suspiciously- That’s an NGE quote, isn’t it.

It absolutely is.

Our Esteemed Author mentioned (I cannot remember where) that Ivy is Inspired by the Pretty Cure series, and Cedar is NGE.

Thorn Explains: Magical Girl Costumes is the one where Erin mentions that Cedar is NGE inspired, and Ivy and her father Ebony are Pretty Cures. Not linking it here, as I linked it further down the page, forgetting that it was the reference I couldn’t remember making the previous comment.

Laurel’s comment makes me wonder, is it possible to not like your own costume? Or dislike it.

It’s probably possible, but most likely, she’s just appreciating his costume as opposed to other costumes that she has disliked. She’s a magus, so it’s reasonable to assume she’s seen any number of magical costumes–enough to form an opinion.

I don’t think it is possible to outright HATE your costume. Any adaptive devices that you need to function or feel like yourself are produced by the Magic. I’m willing to bet at worst, the costume will be “Eh, I guess this will do.” until you’ve leveled up a couple of times.

Specifically in Cedar’s case, I suspect the “more cute” is what he could only get after leveling up.

Generally however, I suspect you can get costume you don’t like if you are not sincere to yourself or something like that.

Even then, I imagine the costume strikes an ‘acceptable’ balance.

Inner thoughts: this is so fluffy I could die !!!! *squee of ten-thousand fannish whose OTP has just been confirmed canon*

Said out loud: Eh, It’s kinda too floofy, but what’re ya gonna do. Magical Girls are always kinda, ya know… It’s such a pain, isn’t it?

After all, Cedar wears contacts… Erin says the costume replaces them with glasses “ … mostly for the cute factor.

Is it ACTUALLY the custom, or is Holly asking Cedar to transform so Laurel cab recognise him?

I love how you’re writing faceblindness in this story, BTW. Mine isn’t anyway near as bad and I can recognise humans I know well, but I can also fail to recognise close friends when they change hair colour or tuck it under a hood or switch from glasses to contacts…

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