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Homecoming 9/24

Homecoming 9/24 published on 8 Comments on Homecoming 9/24

Thorn: Seriously, ah . . .

I am one of the new guards for you. My name is Thorn.

Leif: I’m Leif. I belong to the ambassador. If you’re a guard, where are your weapons?

Thorn: Whip . . . uns . . . ?

Leif: You know, like . . . Swords, bows, clubs . . .

Have at thee!

Oh! I am slain!


Thorn: Ah! Weapons! You want to know why am I unarmed!

Leif: Yes!

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Yessssss something hilarious to distract me from my brain’s obnoxiousness! Oh, Leif, you dork.

Is it deliberate that Leif’s “Yes” in the last panel is in the font for Northern Ceannic?

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