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I Got Eight Problems… 5/27

I Got Eight Problems… 5/27 published on 6 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 5/27

Thorn (thinking): Okay, I’m getting the hang of “walking” with these things . . . But they’re so tender! And when I step on something poky, the pain seems to come from random places — my brain must not know how to process all the new sensation. Can’t wait for the water.

Leif: Stay here while I make sure it’s clear.

Thorn: Stay? You say you can take me in.

Leif: I said I would sneak you in.

Thorn: “Sneak”?

Leif: The same thing, but secret?

Thorn: Ah! You do not have the authority to let me in?

This is not legal! If I am caught, they will think I am a spy, they will arrest me!

Leif: You won’t get caught! That’s why we’re sneaking!

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3) and lastly we saw the ripped out pants, do boxers not exist in this world? Surely we should have seen remnants of his underwear….

1) Unscheduled sprinklers would be conspicuous, and we’re trying to be inconspicuous! Also, the tentacles really need to be immersed, not just sprayed.
2) The captain would be sympathetic and all, but would not necessarily approve the “sure, hang out in our pool” plan.
3) Yes, there was underwear involved. Let’s leave poor Thorn as much dignity as we can…

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