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Landslide Bring Me Down 56/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 56/75 published on 2 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 56/75

Bennet: Today, the drilling is finally scheduled to break through to the trapped miners! . . . which I am stuck reporting from a distance, even though I have explained that I am a very important reporter.

Reporter (Sønska): The three Sønska consultants and other ten trapped people are said to be in good spirits but eager to get medication, food, and toothbrushes . . .

Elisa: Hurry up! I can’t skip any more work, so you need to do it before I go!

Leif: Elisa! Swap jobs with me today, okay? I’ll do dishes, you weed the gardens. Fresh air should help.

Leif (signing): Also, Thån has a telecrystal in his guard station . . . and it turns out he’s really chill about letting people hang out there with him.


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