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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #11

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #11 published on 2 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #11

Leif: Um . . . Hello? I’m your new cellmate. I’m from the Sønheim Empire . . . my name is Leif.

Our translation implants won’t connect for updates here . . . but we should still be able to talk. And if words come up that we don’t know, we can just, uh, learn them manually. So . . . what are you in for?

No judgment! Here, I’ll start. I was spying on your military.

It is yours, right? You’re human? I don’t see any antennae. And all the other species in the Alliance are different sizes.

Maybe you can’t hear? I also know sign —

Kale: Enough! I can’t see, but I can hear, I’m in for killing a bunch of people, and I can sure do something nasty to you if you don’t leave me alone!


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