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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #13

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #13 published on 5 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #13

Kale: . . . do you even know who I am, or what I did?

Leif: Should I?

Kale: Right, you’re from the Empire . . .

Have you been in Alliance territory long enough to know about technomancers?

Leif: They, um, bond with their implants somehow, right? And then they can do all kinds of incredible tech things, as fast as an AI. Sometimes you can tell who they are on sight — they like adding implants to augment their skills.

Kale: That’s the idea, yeah. Well, I was one of those. And I used my powers to hack networks and . . . hurt a lot of people. Had a ton of augmentations, too. I could connect to your implants, take them over, with just the tech in one of my bionic eyes.

But as you might’ve noticed, right now I don’t have my eyes. And neither of us is networked. At all.

Even if I wanted to kill you right now, I wouldn’t know how.

. . . although now I’m realizing that if I faked it, maybe you would’ve begged for a transfer and I’d get to be alone again. Stars, this is the most I’ve talked in weeks. That was probably the whole reason they put you in here, wasn’t it.

Leif: You think so . . . ?

I was sure their reason was that they were hoping you’d murder me, and save them the trouble.

Kale: . . . okay, I haven’t exactly had the most well-adjusted life, and even I think that’s not normal.

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