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Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #6

Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #6 published on 9 Comments on Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #6

As long as I’m dropping anvils, this is a good time to send a little money to Kids In Need Of Defense, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, and the ACLU.

And if you’re in the US, check for smaller organizations in your state. No matter where you are, there are locals who need you to have their backs right now.

Aboard the starship Sapphire, dashing space knight Thorn is enjoying a cuddle with rescued-from-a-derelict alien Leif . . .

Thorn: Hard to believe you only joined us six turns ago, huh? It feels like you’ve been here for two solar cycles . . .


. . . Oh. We’re being deployed to the Månborg system.

Leif: What? That’s empire territory. Why?

Thorn: There’s a nearby system — outside the Empire, not part of the Alliance — that’s been embroiled in an ugly war. The locals are desperate to get to safety, and Månborg is the shortest FTL hop away. But instead of offering them asylum like an Alliance planet would, the Empire is treating these people like criminals.

No legal protections, no medical treatment — and they’re locking them in cages. Look at this! These are civilians! A lot of them are children!

Leif: . . .

Well, maybe the government has a good reason?

Thorn: I think one of our translators is malfunctioning. Let me try again. I said they’re putting children in cages.

To be continued . . .

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It’s raining ANVILS! Hallelujah!
It’s raining ANVILS! Amen!
Sometimes you gotta get the point across!
Be sure the message don’t get lost!

And if you don’t get it!
Well there ain’t no helping you!
The point! Is right! Out front to see!
If you can’t, you’ve no human-ity!

(Seriously though, how far in advance do you write these strips?)

Timing for the Sunday strips varies a lot. I try to have something ready a few months ahead, but the less-timely ones can easily get pushed back if I write something that’s more immediately relevant. (There are almost always a couple of Ask Thorns waiting in the wings, because those can be posted basically whenever.)

This in-SPACE arc was all written in one fell swoop about a month ago — the save dates on the files are June 28 through July 3. It took the slots that were previously filled with strips I finished in April and May, all of which will make just as much sense when they get posted in September and October.

That’s outrageous! No legal protections, no medical treatment, no military training and no attempts to arm those people and send them back so they can win the war?

… I mean, arming and training the refugees was the strategy used in World War II and I think it worked quite well. Granted, lot of those refugees were soldiers to begin with. It wouldn’t work as well with children.

See, here I am just wondering if this is something that the actual Sonheim government would do, considering the apparent differences between the Alliance/Empire and Ceannis/Sonheim. Because on one hand, this storyline is probably set in the Space AU for a reason… and on the other hand, I’m wondering if that reason is because the current storyline means any relevant characters who’d be used for it are otherwise occupied with Magical Gay Hamilton: The Story Arc.

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