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Level Up 3/14

Level Up 3/14 published on 9 Comments on Level Up 3/14

Rowan: Even with an unusual magical-girl type, and at a high power level, you can usually still work out a basic affinity from their costume.

Kudzu never got officially tested, but I’m sure he’s Fire.

Leachtric’s right-hand mage, Telga, was water.

The archmage of Tamapoa started with Nature.

And Acai . . .

Uh . . .

Violet: I’m pretty sure she was a special case.

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previous mentions of Acai:

Didn’t pick up on her being a mage from the outfit, hmm. I’m very interested, darn my weakness for mysterious but powerful characters.

Totally didn’t consider Tamapoa mages, love the Archmage’s outfit.

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