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Level Up 4/14

Level Up 4/14 published on 4 Comments on Level Up 4/14

Rowan: Besides, even for basic powersets, lots of magical jobs have more requirements than raw strength. Holly might want to be certified for one of those.

Juniper: This is your last compulsory-ed position, right? You get to pick what you do after you “graduate” from it . . . when is that?

Holly: Uh . . . That’s also what the next exam is for.

Violet: Whoa, I didn’t realize it was that soon. Congrats!


Holly: I haven’t passed the thing yet!

Rowan: Oh, like it’s gonna give our little prodigy any trouble.

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It can be helpful to have encouragement. I’m not sure “like it’s going to give our little prodigy any trouble” is ever the right amount of encouragement. I mean, the world’s a big, complicated place, and there’s probably some times when those are the needed words. But I always felt it was much more reassuring to be told things such as, “I know it’s a big step and a hard test, but I have confidence you’ll study enough for you and do well.”

Statements that basically said, “You won’t need to work at it,” in some form or another… I feel tempted to say they always make me nervous, but that’s not historically always been true. Which is *WHY* they make me nervous. Even when you have the capability to pass a test easily, you can still fail if you don’t take it seriously.

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