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Level Up 8/14

Level Up 8/14 published on 6 Comments on Level Up 8/14

Thorn: Juniper was right. I didn’t fight at my best.

Leif: I’m still sorry you didn’t win! I thought you were very good.

Larch: You had a chance to see Leachtric for FREE and you missed out on it?

Hyacinth: What gives, Uncle Thorn?!

Thorn: Maybe it’s all for the best. This is a job. They won’t really get to enjoy the show, they’ll be too busy focusing on guarding . . .

Smartcrystal: Urgent call from: Violet Dupont

Thorn: Meanwhile, I get to fully enjoy “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Gets Reincarnated, Who Tells Your Story” — at least the first 30 seconds — every time someone calls.

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