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Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 3

Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 3 published on 10 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 3

Stalker: I know how to fix this. I’ll go hunting for energy in a completely different city! No need to have Magical Kudzu vet the place, because there’s no way the Magical Star Knights could get there!

And so:

Stalker: Haha, I’m a genius! This is going perfectly!

Bram: STOP!

Rock climbing is a BEAUTIFUL PASSION that you have no right to turn against people! These climbers are under the PROTECTION of the sparkling MIRACLE GEM FORCE!

Stalker: . . . and so I lost all the energy again. I need another chance!

Dark Mistress (text): Hey, I killed the other guy. Energy hunting is on you now. Just FYI.

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Everyone knows that the magical-girl (guy) industry is overpopulated. Get a big enough city and you’ll have groups dividing up individual territories. There are even a few other webcomics (I tried to find the links I have, but I must have deleted them) where it’s a serious problem.

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