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Night Out 20/21

Night Out 20/21 published on 14 Comments on Night Out 20/21

Leif: I would love to spend time with you, Thån! It sounds like fun!

There’s a basic hourly rate, increased if you want gardening, or other types of service. My supervisor has the exact prices . . .

Thorn: Oh, sorry! I think I used a wrong word. I don’t want to hire you! I want to have fun, in your free time.

Leif: None of it is free! That’s the meaning of “basic hourly rate.”

Thorn: . . . Okay, time to look up a translation, because one or both of us is really not understanding what’s going on here.

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…I have a question. it is not in good taste, but it is a thought. If Thorn pays for Leif’s time (and it seems likely that he’ll have to, in some fashion), and the relationship advances, are either at risk of running afoul of prostitution laws (and if so, at what point)? (Assuming such beasts exist, either in the banning, or in the application of the profession? Like “all prostitutes must belong to a brothel and receive a monthly health screening” would trip Leif up if he suddenly met the legal definition)

Sex work is legal in both Ceannis and Sønheim, with each country having its own regulations.

…I’m just realizing that, in our world, I don’t know how that kind of legal difference would be handled. A diplomat has immunity from breaking the laws of whatever nation they’re stationed in, but what about the diplomat’s driver? What about the person who has sex with the diplomat’s driver in a way that abides by all the laws of the driver’s country, but not all the laws of the country they’re in?

Probably more relevant here, though, is that getting it on with your gardener is NOT regulated. So if Thorn hires Leif to tidy up his window boxes, and they just happen to end up in the bedroom afterward, who can complain?

(…Probably not the readers.)

I can actually answer the diplomatic immunity question for the US. With a very few exceptions, all embassy staff in the US is covered by the Ambassador’s immunity. If the Ambassador feels like he/she is embraced enough by their employee, they can withdraw their immunity from their employee, at which point the embassy employee is then under the American jurisdiction. In other nation the Uas has drawn up similar agreements with foreign governments to protect their staff.
It’s way so many Ambassadors have outstanding parking tickets in NYC, their drivers park anywhere they please around the UN buildings.

(…probably not indeed)

So, I suppose that, the question boils down to what the Ceannis regulations are, and how/if Thorn has to be careful around them when buying time with Lief (ie – if a sex worker is expected to receive a standard work day [8 hours, for arguments sake], Thorn can’t engage with Lief in that fashion if the total time he purchases exceeds the standard work day hours, unless he pays overtime maybe? Which is kinda bizarre XD Does Sonheim (sorry, no idea how to make the right phonetic ‘o’) recognize the value of a servant to the point they’d expect overtime payments? or are they more “use them as you like, if you break them, you bought them” sort of attitude?).

I don’t have a prurient interest in what Ceannis’ sex worker laws are, but I do have an interest for the sake of curiosity, and the interest in world building (laws, like every social construct, say a lot about the society performing the construction).

This is the kind of stuff I don’t want to nail down too much right now (especially since it makes it harder to change if I come up with better ideas later, heh). If/when it becomes relevant in the comic, it’ll be revealed then!

Does Thorn have window boxes? If so, how does he persuade Tiernan not to eat the plants?

He actually doesn’t. He moved back to the city relatively recently, and hasn’t given himself the time to set up plants in the new apartment.

…Maybe at some point he’ll figure out that “hire Leif to do it” is a great excuse.

I have a plant, and a cat who shows no interest in it, so he could go for species that aren’t to Tiernan’s taste. Or he could just resign himself to having perpetually-nibbled plants…

the questions increase! Leif seems very accustomed to whatever-his-situation is, in a way that makes me think he’s been doing it a long time. is this a generational class system thing?

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