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Night Out 9/21

Night Out 9/21 published on 7 Comments on Night Out 9/21

Birch: And here we are with a huge catch she had to help me pull in . . .

Thorn: Let me stop you right there.

It’s not like I can order you to forget this, and there’s no point in me sitting here just to radiate disapproval.

You folks have fun with your slideshow. I’m gonna go pay my respects to the water spirits.

Florian: Weirdest euphemism for using the facilities I’ve ever heard.

Rowan: I think it’s a Iúilic thing.

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Yeah, great way to endear yourself to your team. Col. O’Neill needs to give Thorn a few pointers on command.

Luckily for Thorn, the squad has been together for a while and gone through some hell as a team, so a little irrational crankiness isn’t going to wreck their team bonding.

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