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Observation Dex 2/18

Observation Dex 2/18 published on 3 Comments on Observation Dex 2/18

Same secret building, different secret area.

Del (thinking): That’s enough smashing for a night.

I haven’t seen the other Agent D at combat practice since they came back from leave . . . Perhaps I’d better check on them.

Del: !!

Why, darling, what ever are you doing shut up in the dark with your hair gone flat?

D10: It’s called “work.” Maybe you’ve heard of it.

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Just because they do a different kind of work than you it doesn’t mean they don’t do work at all.

Thinking about this more, I think it’s probably more akin to my coworkers and I answering questions about why we’re online late when whoever is on call comes online to deal with pages from our monitoring system and finds somebody else online.

“It’s 1 AM, and you’re `Available` on instant messaging? Why are you online so late?”

“It’s something called `work`.”

It generally will then get explained, because ideally, we’re not working at 1 AM for our normal work. If the person asks “What are you working on so late?” or “Why are you working so late?” that question is generally avoided. My current team uses these versions fairly consistently, which is why it took a while for me to remember this context.

For us, it’s generally that someone had a change to deploy, and the other person didn’t realize it and didn’t notice it in the spew of after hour change emails. It’s also possible that the person being asked didn’t remember to send their after hour change emails, because human.

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