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Observation Dex 3/18

Observation Dex 3/18 published on 13 Comments on Observation Dex 3/18

Del: This is data about Cedar Oseille?

D10: That’s right. Had his first magical screening yesterday.

Del: If you wanted to see him, the Order could simply arrange for you to win Leachtric tickets.

D10: I’m reviewing all the subjects from yesterday. He just happens to be one.

Del: Of course, darling. Incidentally, does your husband know that a teen pop star’s files are keeping you out until . . .

. . . well, late?

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This page raises a very important question: Why 13 hours?

Not ‘earth’

More specifically, their planet takes 26 hours to make one revolution, but they still have a 7 day week.

You may also recall that they use the clock to describe positions (The Show Must Grow On:Overture Page 9/21) Which makes these clocks with 13 demarcations a bit confusing, as this would mean Agent D was going to chase The Miscreant with the potion while Agent █̜̤█̩̘̜̮█̝̰█͉̥̯̜█̪̦͕͚ͅͅ█̲͉͉͙█̪█̬͈̙̳ was supposed to come at the target from the front?

…how did you type “█̜̤█̩̘̜̮█̝̰█͉̥̯̜█̪̦͕͚ͅͅ█̲͉͉͙█̪█̬͈̙̳”? The best I can do is copy paste…

Days are often split into 24 hours because 24 is easily divided into whole numbers: 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24
If a day is split into 26 hours, you only get 1,2,13,26
It’s easier to make an hour comparatively longer than to split it unevenly.

Actually, day is split into day and night and each is split into 12 hours. Historically, I mean.
But yes, I think I already pointed out that it doesn’t make sense to divide day to 26 hours, unless they originally had 24 hours, got used to how long they are and then some disaster made the day longer.

It’s a Labyrinth homage.

Also, lines that would otherwise be boring logistics/exposition get funnier if I can put a weird time in them.

…Of course it is. Do any of your characters contact juggle?

You know, I bet Imri and Stanczia both do. And Agent D10 here.

Pascentia is flawless at it, naturally.


I want to know if any Tamapoans can contact juggle with a water drop, perhaps with hydrophobic shirts and gloves, or would its flexability make it unsuitable?
Of course any water mage worth their salt would be able to do that, but that’s cheating.

Speaking of, are Tamatoan mages a thing, and if so, how does their magic differ from those whose hight is mesured in feet? …And do Tamatoans mesure in inch sized feet?

Sorry, my train of thought had a minor brakes malfunction there…

Thought process for panel 1:
Why is the orbit of the moons relevant to Cedar?
Something something recognizing a fictional moon orbit
It’s probably just added to look like another type of data rather than actually being relevant

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